Here on this page we would like to present you some essays and articles of our wards where they reflect and share their thoughts on any topic which is interesting for them.

This time Marlon Tercero 19, tried to share with us his preoccupations about environmental problems.

3 year college/computer science
Environmental problems could have been one of the major problems facing by the world today. Landslides, mud flood, erosion and other serious environmental problems have been the everyday content of the news in newspapers, televisions, radios and journals.

These problems were brought about by the self-centered thought and greed of many individual whom did not think twice before doing those destructive methods.

Global warming, on the other hand, is mainly the result of all the destructions in the environment. Global warming is the heating of the environment which is a result of the great amount of carbon dioxide in the pouter space. These carbon dioxides were trapped in the space and bounce back which cased the heating of the entire environment.

This alarming situation wakes up the community of Fatima Center to respond to the undying call of the mother earth.

Fatima center then aimed not only for spiritual and moral enhancement but for a self-sustaining, life giving environment and an ecologically balanced nature.

Organic farming practices with the use of natural means were utilized in the center. Separation of non-biodegradable from biodegradable wastes products is also utilized. Reusing, recycling and reducing of wastes products were also practiced in the center.

Vermi casting was also utilized. Casting is done by allowing worms to eat biodegradable waste products (composed of banana stalk, kakawati leaves, cow manure and other) as a results a capsule-like manure of worms were collected and were used as organic fertilizer for farming.

Aside from that, the center sends some community members to attend seminar and workshops about sustainable agriculture and eco-friendly lifestyle means that would surely contribute in the conservation of the environment.

The center wishes to live in a community of sustainable environment. Thus they say that only self awareness and total commitment and faith to God could lead us to do good and think for the best to our environment.

They believed that whatever comes from the soil should be returned to soil. This is their powerful basis why they really support organic means to conserve the environment.

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