Since the time when we started our social apostolate in Iriga and up to present moment it was always difficult for the children off the poor families to receive proper education which will help them to fing a good job to support their numerous families

Therefore answering to the actual necessity the time the Congregation of Saint Augustine started vocational trainings for youth and adults in 1992.

The first course which was set up the congregation was basic computer literacy education course which was provided by a German volunteer Tobias Lehman.

Unfortunately after some time due to lack of funds and personal we had to cancel this course. But nonetheless it allowed to more than 25 people to improve their computer skills and find better computer related jobs.

Other short courses which were organized by the congregation later were courses on auto-diesel mechanics, driving and electronics.

For only 3 month youth who was attending those short courses could learn how to drive and repair cars, how to operate and repair sound systems, air conditions and other electronically devices.

The main recipients of the program is out of school youth from the poor, deprived and unprivileged families to have professional skills and better employment in very short terms.

This is particularly important for them because most of them don't have time for the long and very expensive studies in colleges and universities because they have to support their families right away.

These trainings are being hold with big help or TESDA. In future we are planning with close collaboration with this and other governmental and nongovernmental agencies we are planning to restart the computer literacy courses and start short training in picture taking and photography.

Within the program of helping batter wives we have such courses as garments and footwear making, sawing, soap making and food processing which are also being attended by some poor teenagers who are staying in our center.

We believe that service which we are providing for most unprivileged youth of the community will help them to realize their right on education.

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