Community life in general
Living in a community is essential to the formation of the sisters. The spirit of communion of friends should be the motivating spirit in the heart of every sister. The guiding principle should strive to walk in their chosen path to treat everyone as fellow companion in the journey of holiness.

In order that a real community exists in the house, the sisters should accept and receive one another as members of the same family. Each with unique individuality and yet aspiring for a common spirituality. Community life is therefore a sign of communion with Christ. She must see her other sisters as companion and at the same time as the most immediate signs of the presence of Christ in her community.

The sisters should readily accept their duties within the house and in all their works and should be glad to be associated with others, ready to help especially those who appear to be overburdened.

The sisters should offer every sacrifice finds merit and meaning if done with great love and care. Mutual charity and friendship are the corner stones of the community. It is therefore necessary to develop a spirit of forgiveness and a bearing one another's shortcomings. For this reason in the spirit of charity, strict confidentiality shell be kept on matters concerning the community. These matters shouldn't be discussed with outsiders.

Evangelical councils: Keys in following Jesus
The community should contribute greatly to the fidelity of a sister to live the evangelical counsels. The spirit of personal obedience, poverty and chastity should always be lead in accordance with the laws of the Church.

These evangelical counsels are not inhabiting factors to serve the people. Rather they serve as keys to following Jesus whole heartedly through active apostolate to God's people, especially the poor, the displaced, abused and marginalized sectors of the community.

The evangelical counsels shouldn't be taken as different of one another. Poverty, chastity and obedience are actually intertwined and connected. These evangelical counsels should be lead in a spirit of trough liberty and a product of an authentic decision to choose God.


To be poor is to realize that one is a steward of all the reaches in the world. As stewards of God's reaches they should be always generous, especially to the poor and marginalized. In living the spirit of poverty one liberates herself from attachments to worldly things.

Poverty is to be understood as leaving a simple life. Poverty should open their hearts to greater intimacy with the neighbor. In the spirit of poverty, the sisters are to renounce the right to the independent disposal of the material goods without a permission of a legitimate superior.

The sisters as members of the community of friends should be able to share their time, talent and treasure to the community and the people they are serving. The sisters may receive keep and give gifts which are compatible to their simple and frugal lifestyle.

This counsel is understood as the way of supporting one another rather than imposing personal will on a person. Obedience is not to give anyone the chance to abuse power but to initiate collaboration among the sisters and cooperation in God's grace.

The sisters profess this evangelical counsel in imitation of Jesus Christ who was obedient to the will of the Father. The vow of obedience should not define boundaries among the sister rather it must be understood as an act of servanthood to one another in recognition of God's presence in everyone.

Among the three counsels, chastity is often misunderstood by many people including religious persons. Chastity is a call to complete solidarity with God and his people. By living this vow one is expected to leave a healthy and celibate friendship as and off-shoot intimate love of the person of Christ, his Church and the community.

Religious sisters are expected to be comfortable in dealing with both sexes. They must be aware of other people's sexuality and understand their straight, weaknesses and needs. The chaste life of a religious is characterized as a total personal union with God within the community that strives to live in the kingdom of God. Recognizing the deeper instincts of human nature, the sisters should pray for these gifts in terms of physical, physiological and moral maturity.

By practicing the vow of chastity the sisters are expected to live in complete solidarity with the poor and marginalized. Their undivided hearts should belong to Jesus Christ who is married to them, like the vise virgins they are to wait for the coming of the bridegroom with great care, perseverance, openness and prayer so as to become worthy brides of the lord.

Witnessing to consecrated life
As daughters of Saint Augustine the practice of regular observances in the community is the thing which bans the sisters in faith and service to the Church. To be able therefore to remain faithful in one's vocation not as a set of precautionary measures but as an invitation to a more meaningful and truthful way of religious life.

These regular observances consist of common life. Active participation in a liturgy, personal prayer, keeping the vows, constant study and apostolic works. The enclosures, silence, wearing of habit and penitential acts are of great importance for these enable the sisters to carry out these regular practices.

To deepen also their Augustinian spirituality the sisters mark with prayer and meaningful celebration the life of Saint Augustine, Mother Rita Barcelo and the history of the community

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