Pastoral ministry
We in the pastoral ministry commit ourselves to:

  1. The integral evangelization of the people we work with and serve, preferentially to the poor, deprived, oppressed and exploited;
  2. Collaborate efforts, share decisionmaking and reflection in faith as a way of life;
  3. Fuller participation in the local Church's ministry;

The sisters are to collaborate with the parish and diocesan programs so as to be able to render their services to the local Church the bishop parish may ask their help in social ministry programs such as: catechesis, campus ministry, family counseling, prison apostolate and other apostolate meant to address pressing needs in the Church, livelihood programs are offered as well as vocational trainings that will give them a decent source of leaving.

In apostolic work the sisters actively collaborate with other agencies and religious houses such as the government's department of social welfare and development (DSWD), the Gift of love (Naga City) run by mother Teresa's missionaries of Charity, the Good shepherd home (Naga City) run by the religious of the Good Shepherd and the national commission on indigenous people (NCIP).

Social special ministry
We, the daughters of Saint Augustine social services ministry, conscious of our part and responsibility in the increasing poverty and justice, commit ourselves to the empowerment of the poor to enable to marginalized to become active participants as decision-makers in articulating and realizing their own VMG towards a fuller life in service with their fellow members in small communities of faith and action for social transformation.

The sisters are directly respond to the needs of poor children, families, abused women and those oppressed by the unjust structures of society, the orphans and poor people housed therein should be taken with utmost care and respect. They are also be taught the value of work and not absolute dependency on the generosity of others.

Health ministry
Inspired by the vision and commitment of mother Rita Barselo and sor Felicitas B. de Lima, challenged by the poverty of the masses, with the destruction of the environment in adequate health services, massive ignorance of basic health workers we in the health ministry commit ourselves to make visible the love of Christ is primarily in existence to uphold the health programs of the community not only for the constituents but also for the sisters themselves, an officer in charge or (OIC) is appointed to facilitate the health services in the center, sisters and domestic coworkers will have an annual general medical checkup. This office should see to it that regular medical missions are held in all the apostolate areas.

Education ministry
We in the education ministry are called to promote integral formation for the service of the church and society as we build Christian communities and witness to Christian and Augustinian values through relevant quality education made accessible especially to the less privileged.

The sisters' apostolate in education is to frees man from bandage of ignorance, education shouldn't only be confined in the four corners of a classroom or nether of the pages of books but in the daily experiences of students who are mostly in the orphanages that are administered by the sisters in schools administered by the sisters, the teaching of religion and other tenets of the faith sell be effectively introduced, we have Fatima Integrated Farm School Inc.

With ongoing activities (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation) translation of the mission statement and vision of the education community into visible programs for administrators, teaching personnel and the students. Formation programs to help the students deepen their appreciation of Gospel values in their lives, with the active participation in the basic ecclesial communities and parish based programs initiated by the government organizations that are inclined with the trust of the apostolate.

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