Dear Colping, German, Dutch, American, Canadian and other foreign friends who come to us regularly. We always happy to have you in our center where you can have a real grasp of the life in Philippine province and emerce yourself in our apostolate.

Here we can share some useful information which will help you in your way to our country.

To safe your time and money we suggest you to book ticket from Manila to Naga ahead of coming to the Philippines. It will save you from the going out from the airport and spending a night outside of it which is fairly costly.

We will pick you up in Naga airport and bring you to our place. In cause of emergency you can see a small map and travel descriptions which you can find HERE.

Upon the arriving to the Philippines citizens of most European and North American countries will receive visa which is valid for 59 days. In case you would like to stay here longer you can prolong it here which will cost you around 4500 pesos (80.7 Eur 99.66$ US).

Coming here we recommend you to take your cell phones and laptops with you which will make easier your communication with home and friends.

The food in our center is pretty much simple. So if you have some food limitations (vegetarian, ulcer etc. ) please inform us ahead to avoid misunderstanding.

Take with you a anti mosquito spray or creme because the skin of foreigners is quite irresistible to the bites of local insects.

Carolin Kugler, Oetisheim (Germany)
Have been to Fatima since May 6, 2010

Hi lads,
Let me share my personal experience with you. The Philippines are a very very lovely country and the Filipinos are really lovely and helpful. They are laughing a lot and they are interested on you and that you are feeling allright.
The sisters at Fatima Center take care of the children in a way which is unbelievable. They love the children like their own sisters and brothers and they give them a very beautiful home in which they can growing up in secure and get the right values of living their life. The children have a lot of activities like gardening and the chores. It is so great to see that they are so lively and happy!

What you should have with you!

  • -A spray against the moskitos and a net for your bed
  • - An adapter for the Philippine sockets
  • - Your laptop if you have one because we have wifi
  • - A good camera and lots of saving cards to catch the beautiful view
  • - Some board games to play with the children
  • - A big heart for children
  • - A lot of shorts, shirts an some slippers. You really don’t need warm clothes
  • - A dictionary
  • - The curiosity to get to know a completely other culture

Fly to Manila and take a plane to Naga. Airphil express and Cebu Pacific airline depart from Terminal 3 at the international airport and a free shuttle-bus will pick you up from the arrivals

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