The Foundation of our Lady of Fatima Center for Human Development is our biggest most developed and sufficient social project ran by Daughters of Saint Augustine community which providing shelter, education and better life for hundreds of children and adults.

The apostolate which started by our foundries sister Lasalette Baisa and sister Felisitas de Lima in a small niphut house in San Agustine village of Iriga City in 1975 as a awareness program to the poor people of neighborhood to the 8 hectares center with its own kinder, primary and high school for the poor and place of several livelihood projects for poor people of surrounding area.

The Center's pioneering community development endeavor was originally focused on the cultural minorities called the AGTA who lived in the foot of mt. Iriga but later it was also extended to the poor people of the low lad area.

Fatima Center commits itself the "participatory approach" towards development in which people THEMSELVES formulate their own plans, make their own individual or group decisions and implement their own programs. In this context, the community workers serve as facilitators, enablers and trainers who help create the awareness that social change is possible.

Nowadays the apostolate of Fatima Center consists from 3 main missions:

The social development program which involves organization fisherfolks and farmers into federation and further development which provide income for them;
Education of the poor and unprivileged children;
Orphanage for the orphans, abandoned, maltreated and extremely poor children.

We think that this approach can contribute to the more holistic development of the kids with the difficult and broken past and poor people leaving in dehumanizing conditions.

Social development program
The social development program runs by the center engages people join their efforts for the good of the community that is Christ-Centered. Self sustaining and where its members are actively involved in decision making, articulating and realizing their own dreams.

Educational apostolate
Enormous amount of families in the surrounding areas are extremely poor and can't send their children even to elementary school. This situation doesn't allow them fully develop their abilities and grow up in fully alive members of the society.

Now Fatima Center orphanage in the house of more than 120 orphans, abandoned, maltreated by their families and extremely poor children. Most of them left their homes or have been referred to us because there was no chance for them to survive and receive a good future there.

We are not only providing a shelter and food for those kids but also trying to use holistic approach in rehabilitating them. In other words we are trying to provide them with paternal love and concern and everything what they were deprived in their homes.

Fatima center has its own site where you can find more detailed information about its mission and vision - www.fatima-center.com

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