If you want to contact us by any purpose you can do it by phone, post or e-mail:

Tel.: (0063 54) 299 22 89; (0063 54) 655 01 30
Fax: (0063 54) 655 0747
Addres: 4413 "Fatima center for Human Development inc."
Villa Felicima Coral st. San Agustin, Iriga City
Camarines Sur, Philippines.
e-mail: center_fatima@yahoo.com

Our center located in San Agustin village which is close to Iriga and Naga. So we also want to give you some descriptions in cause you are coming to us from one of this places.

Iriga City instructions

If you are coming to us from Iriga City terminal or from the town proper itself the easiest and the cheapest way is to ride a tricickle with a yellow sign NIATODA on it (don't take tricickles with other sign boards because they are going in different directions). Ask a driver to bring you to San Agustin "Betania retreat house". It's well known place in this area. Our compound locates right beside it. The price of the ride is 9 pesos (0.16 Eur,0.20$ USD ) per person or 50 pesos (0.89 Eur,1.11$ USD)per special single ride.

Another option is to ride a bus going to Naga, which will cost you 10 pesos (0.18 Eur,0.22$ USD) and get out by the San Agustin elementary high school and that walk a little bit up following the map.


Pili airport and Naga City instructions

If you are coming to us from the airport or from Naga City itself you can ride a bus which is going to Iriga. It will cast you 40 pesos (0.71 Eur,0.89$ USD) by bus from Naga and 20 pesos (0.36 Eur,0.44$ USD) from the road beside airport.

The trip may take you from one to 1.5 hours. After Baao town upon the reaching San Agustin village ask the driver to drop you after the bridge on the "Betania crossing". When you get out of the bus walk a bit inside the village following the map

Another option is to go to the last station in Iriga City bus terminal. But this way you will have to go back a little bit following Iriga City instructions

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4413 Philippines, Camarines Sur, Iriga City, San Agustin, Villa Felicima Coral st. "Fatima Center for Human Development"
Tel.: (0063 54) 299 22 89; (0063 54) 655 01 30 Fax: (0063 54) 655 0747
e-mail: center_fatima@yahoo.com
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